walking down the hallway on the first day of school






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School starts in a few short weeks and, if you’re like me, you want to save $$$$ on all things collegiate. The best place to buy books? Amazon. They buy them back for double the price that the bookstore will give you. They give you an amazon gift card with the money, which you can just turn around and use for more books…or anything, really. I mean, it’s Amazon.

Also, just a tip: DO NOT buy your books until you have been to every class at least once. So, usually, by about Tuesday evening during the first week of school. Even if a prof’s syllabus says the books are “required,” a lot of times they will tell you that you don’t need them. I saved over $200 my first semester by waiting. So, after you go up and introduce yourself to your prof on the first day of class like I know all you good little students will, ask if you need the book!

Some smart Senior once gave me this same advice, so I am now returning the favor as a smart Senior myself! ;)

Also, if you want a copy of my complete college packing list, shoot me a message containing your email address and I will send you one!

Happy summer, everyone! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! :D

Focus, focus, facus, faceus, facebus, facebos, facebook…


Am I the only one who’s mind runs so much that it is impossible to fall asleep? Seriously, it’s like I am too tired to sleep. What is that?!

Screw college.

I will just play the Sims. Where I can attend school and be whatever the heck I want, or I can just type the word “rosebud” to own every business in town.

The lucky ones!

The lucky ones!

College is like a baby…

It makes you lose sleep, gain weight, and takes your money.

That moment…

When you finally get some spare time and you’re all like “Oooh! Maybe I will read that book I have been wanting to read. Or, maybe I will do something else productive.”

10 Seconds later.


Dorm room or apartment?

I want your opinions!